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How to Get Backlinks and Why Your Website Needs Them

How to Get Backlinks and Why Your Website Needs Them

Part of your business’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy needs to be sourcing quality backlinks. Investing in backlinking means better website ranking results, more visitors, and even higher profits. But how can you get backlinks, and why does your website need them in the first place?

Why Backlinks Are Important for Your Website

Backlinks are external links from sites outside your domain. Why does it matter if your site has backlinks or not?

The short answer is that search engines like to see a natural network of links on your website. By incorporating backlinks, you’re signaling to Google (and other search engines) that your pages are a valuable resource.

Essentially, backlinks help your site rank on search engines based on who links to you—and how.

How Backlinks Help Your Website Rank on Search Engines

Creating valuable content with solid keywords is always the best way to build your site’s search engine optimization. But it’s not the only step that can help your website rank on top search engine results pages (SERPs).

Backlinks Build Your Site’s Reputation

The more inbound links your site has from high-quality websites, the better the quality of your linking web. By affiliating yourself with other valuable websites, you’re sending search engines the signal that your site is worth visiting.

After all, no serious website will link to an untrustworthy source of information. So, an excellent backlink portfolio proves your website is legitimate.

Backlinks Position You as an Authority

In terms of how search engines interpret your backlinks, you’re building your site’s digital reputation. But in terms of site visitors? These links also help position you as an authority in the eyes of non-robotic audiences.

For example, if a consumer is reading an article on a trusted website, they’re likely to click on links to other valuable information. An outbound link sends them to your site. Then, they find the answers they’re looking for. This chain reaction helps promote you as an authority in your niche.

Backlinks Help Index Your Site Faster

Search engines crawl your site and index it to make searches faster. Indexing takes time, though, and it’s hard to categorize or organize sites without clear relationships with other websites.

Hyperlinks of all types make it easier for crawlers to skim your site, see where its connections are, and index it accordingly.

Backlinks Also Boost Your Networking Capabilities

As a website owner, whether you have a small business or a blog, your network is essential. Building a backlink portfolio helps increase your reach as more readers see you as an authority. The better your network, the more marketing opportunities you have—so it’s a win-win.

How You Can Get Quality Backlinks to Your Site

Now that you know why you need quality backlinks to your website, how do you get them?

Imitate Your Competitors

While you should never plagiarize another website, imitation is a smart move. Skim your competitors’ sites to see what they’re writing about, who they’re linking to, and what type of traffic they’re getting.

Doing the same—such as reaching out to their connections for links—can help your site’s ranking. You might even steal some of their traffic if you execute your content and backlinking strategy well.

Do More Than Market

Content marketing is instrumental for any size business. Creating content that’s valuable to your readers is always on target. But in addition to creating promotional materials that rep for your brand, you should also diversify to encourage the most feedback and interaction possible.

For example, continuously producing new content is one of the best ways to preserve your search engine ranking. Try adding more compelling imagery, creating infographics, and other ways to engage your audience. Original, fresh content helps ensure that once visitors arrive at your site via a backlink, they find something of interest.

For many companies, hiring an expert for digital marketing services is a smart move. After all, marketing is about more than smart sales campaigns. It’s about SEO and ensuring consistent branding and optimization for all of your brand’s online activities.

Become a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is an excellent way to expand your reach, earn quality backlinks, and maybe even develop a loyal following. You’ll have to blog for free in most cases. But if you choose the right sites to reach out to, you could charm an entire subset of your desired audience.

Of course, your blog posts on others’ sites still need to offer value. Make sure your keywords are dialed in and that your links use appropriate anchor text.

Avoid sales language or trying to con readers into visiting your site. Lay out some helpful advice or resources, incorporate a linking strategy, and wait for your audience to seek out your website for more.

Expand Your Network

Another way to expand your network is via social media. While social media can’t replace a well-structured website, it can help you earn backlinks.

One survey found that nearly half of its respondents relied on influencers for product recommendations. Influencers are everywhere, and finding the right one(s) could mean free backlinks for your business—plus more sales.

Make sure that the influencer you choose aligns with your company’s values and products. Also be sure the agreement is beneficial to you both.

Don’t Take Shortcuts

Plenty of people have “shortcuts” for earning backlinks, so you might feel tempted to take the easy route. The problem is that an easier route doesn’t mean quality results.

In fact, taking shortcuts—like those that go against Google’s quality guidelines—could tank your search engine ranking. Scraped content, sneaky redirects, and cloaking are just a few no-no’s that aren’t worth the consequences.

Final Thoughts on Getting Backlinks to Your Website

Getting high-quality backlinks may not make or break your business. But backlinking can have a significant impact on your website’s search engine ranking.

Navigating internet marketing, from SEO to social media and more, requires a concentrated effort. And with the ever-changing search engine landscape, a lot is happening that you can’t always see. But ultimately, backlinks are one strategy that protects and even boosts your site’s performance over time.