PPC Advertising

Most businesses use PPC advertising as part of the digital marketing strategy.  The experts at We Outrank create and manage online marketing campaign strategies designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and their market condition. We offer a full suite of PPC services that include: Paid Search Ads, Video AdvertisingDisplay Ads, PPC Remarketing and Social Advertising.

Let our PPC management experts help your business to create great PPC advertising campaigns while maintaining the best ROI. Our team has decades of experience with PPC advertising and can help you today.


PPC advertising is a marketing technique in which advertisers pay when one of their ads is clicked on. It is, in a nutshell, buying traffic to your website instead of “earning” organic traffic. One of the most common forms of PPC advertising is search engine PPC. This allows advertisers to bid on different keywords. Their ad will then be shown if their keyword is searched and they have the top bid for that word and criteria (among other things). We Outrank may run an ad on Google for “SEO Services in Bentonville”. If someone clicks on the ad, which sends a visitor to our website, we would have to pay Google a small fee. However, it is well worth the few dollars to spend if we can start working with a new client.


PPC advertising is not quite as easy as it appears though. In order to build a successful PPC advertising campaign, you need to choose the right keywords, then organize those words into ad groups and campaigns, and they need great landing pages for the users to fall on. Search engines reward companies that do things correctly. If the landing pages and the ads you are running are relevant and you are running an intelligent campaign, Google will actually charge you less for each click, this will end up in more revenue for your business. So, you can see that running a successful PPC advertising campaign is more than just throwing some words together and guessing what will work.


Advertisers spend a great deal of money to hire firms like We Outrank to run their PPC management. Using a quality PPC advertising company will allow you to reduce cost and convert more clicks into sales. You can see that it would be quite worth the money for a well run PPC advertising campaign.

Google Ads (PPC management)

Google Ads (which used to be referred to as Google AdWords) is the top PPC advertising platform. It not only allows for a user to create ads that will be seen in Google’s search engine result pages, but on Google’s other platforms as well. Google Ads uses a pay per click model when determining which ads to serve. Users place bids for each of their keywords and then pay when an ad is clicked on.

Every time that a visitor goes to Google and enters a search term, Google searches its database of Ads. It will choose a small number of Ads to display with the search results. The Ads chosen are based on a number of criteria. It is not simply the one with the highest bid, as Google is always wanting to show quality relevant content to its users. Some of the factors involved in choosing the Ads to display are the quality of the Ad campaign, relevance of the keywords, the size of the keyword bid, along with other factors.

The decision of which Ads get to appear are based on a formula. First, Google looks at the  quality score of your Ad campaign. The Quality Score is determined by evaluating the following criteria:

  • Your click through rate (CTR)

  • The relevance of your keywords

  • The relevance of your Ad text

  • The quality and the relevance of your landing page

  • Your historical Google Ads performance

Although Google keeps the weightings a secret in this formula, we know that these are the criteria currently being used to evaluate the Ads. We do know though that your click through rate is the most important factor. If users are clicking on your Ad, then that suggests it is relevant to their search.

Is There a Need to Raise Quality Scores?

Raising your quality score has a significant impact on your overall Google Ads performance. After analyzing countless PPC management accounts, it is clear that Quality Score has a huge impact on your success using Google Ads. The effect of optimizing your Quality Score will result in a much better ROI on your Ad campaigns. Why? Because you are paying less for each conversion. Remember that Google loves to see pages that match user intent. If a visitor goes to your site and converts, then it is a success, not only for you, but for the search engine that directed the visitor to you. Sites like Bing and Google want to see conversions so they will want to send users to your site if it is the best fit for your PPC advertising.


Let We Outrank’s professional team of PPC management and PPC advertising help your company create the perfect ad campaign. Our knowledge and experience will mean a higher ROI for your company with better results. We will make sure that your PPC ads are written perfectly to attract the most conversions.

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