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Wordpress Maintenance - Local & Organic Seo



Managing a WordPress website can be a technical and tedious task. Our WordPress specialists maintain your site and provide expert support when needed. We update the WP core, update plugins and theme, perform daily malware and hacker scans, off-site cloud backups are done daily, world-class contact form spam protection, comment form submissions are moderated, we manage client post revisions, tidy up client database, and provide 24-7 uptime monitoring, and broken link monitor scans daily and fixes are applied promptly. Our work adds page speed optimization, Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration.



Don’t spend an hour every day with your website when you could be focusing on your business. Websites are a lot of work. It’s not as simple as picking a theme, adding some copy, and pushing the publish button. Once you get your site up and live there is a lot to monitor, maintain, and update on a regular basis like:

  •     Themes
  •     Plugins
  •     Coding
  •     Broken links or images
  •     Changes in copy or design
  •     Site backups
  •     Performance optimization
  • Security
  • Hosting issues
  • Analytics and activity monitoring
  • WordPress upgrades
  • Form mail spam prevention
  • Comment moderation
  • Google Search Console errors

If you recognize the importance of a well-maintained online presence for you brand and your website is mission-critical — we want to work with you.


Contact us today to learn more about our WordPress Maintenance services.

Let’s get you started

Contact us so that we can determine your specific wordpress maintenance needs.


We keep your website’s post revisions and database clean and tidy to reduce lag-time.

Scheduled Off-Site Cloud Backups

Daily offsite cloud backup comes with both plans. We archive 90 days of backups for our customers. Never again worry about your website.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

24/7 365 uptime monitoring of your website. Support agent notified of any downtime and can restore your site if needed.

Comment Management

We approve or disapprove comments based on their relationship to spam.

WP Core Updated

Security is arguably the most important reason to keep your website up-to-date. WP Core is updated with each new release. Troubleshoot issues that arise.

Broken Link Monitoring

404 errors or unresponsive or broken links are bad for SEO, can lead to poor user experience, lost revenue and a loss of trust by the visitor.

Google Search Console Setup & Integration

We integrate Google Search Console into your website and Google My Business into your website.

Support Hours – Starter Plan

1 hour of support monthly. Reduced hourly rate. Trusted U.S. company. Fast turnarounds.

Dedicated Support Expert

Client is paired with his/her personal WordPress support expert, which is their main point of contact with We Outrank.


Site is scanned twice daily for malware and client support expert is notified of incidents.

Contact Form Spam Filtering

We fight spam for you. World-class spam prevention.

Theme and Plugin Updates

Plugins and theme updated regularly. Troubleshoot issues that arise.

Google Analytics Integration

Get valuable data on your visitors interactions with your website. Monthly reporting.

Page Speed

Less than 3 second load time guaranteed. Improve usability and SEO.

Support Hours – Pro Plan

2 hours of support monthly. Reduced hourly rate. Trusted U.S. company. Fast turnarounds.

Take care of your business. We’ll take care of your website.

Your website isn’t just a critical part of your marketing machine. It’s your digital storefront. You can’t afford for it to go down, get hacked, or run inefficiently. Let us take care of the technical task of maintaining your website(s) and keep your site up to date, and running efficiently.

Our plans can prevent website breakdowns and security breaches. Our WordPress service features page speed optimization, which will speed up your site and improve the user experience.  Explore our plans and discover how our team can keep your website running smoothly.