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SEO RogersRogers SEO – What the Heck is SEO and Why You Need It

If you’re reading this page you might be wondering to your self what is SEO, what we offer, and why it matters. No need to worry whether you know a little or a lot we’ll guide you through it.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is basically a process to increase your visibility in search engines. The one we target the most is Google given the the vast majority of market share they dominate in popularity of search engines with other examples being Bing, and Yahoo.

Value to Your Business and A High ROI

What we do is increase your ranking for keywords that are directly valuable to your business in order for you to reach more customers, get more clients, and make you more money. Google is ubiquitous in our lives now on our phones, our tablets, where we do research. Properly done Search Engine Optimization is key to high rankings and better done now than later. Of course there’s also of plenty of BAD SEOs which you also want to avoid and can hurt more than help your rankings.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword consists of the words typed into the search box in Google. The first place any good SEO starts is in finding the valuable keywords for your business, related to your business, of customer’s searching for you. Why is this so important? Because the first place people go searching for information today is Google! And when people are searching for keywords relevant to your business you want them to find you.

That said, not all keywords have the same value. The first part of our process is finding the most valuable keywords that are most targeted to your business. This means things not only relevant to your content or potential customers in your area, but also what people are searching for the most! This is called keyword research and we do this for free with a consultation for Rogers SEO. We welcome of course any and all of your keyword suggestions as well.

Simply put SEO is some of the cheapest, most effective, targeted advertising you can buy IF DONE CORRECTLY. If your looking for a return on investment and to get more clients you need this. But you also need it done right.Rogers-SEO-Services

Why Not Just Buy Google Adwords?

The fact is that the vast majority of people SKIP these advertisements of Google Adwords over completely and will not click on them. We get you natural high rankings in Google through an organic SEO process so your site isn’t penalized and to get you to the top to get you more clients.

Otherwise your looking at possibly thousands of clients a month who will never visit your site as most users do not click on ads, and a budget that can quickly evaporate with low ROI in addition to competitors who might click on your ads costing you more money. That’s just bad business.

Who Will Handle My Work?

As the owner of We Outrank Web Design & SEO I personally take on every client myself and you will not be just another name or number or cog in the machine. As such I only take on a limited number of clients to ensure the best results possible. I work one-on-one with clients to meet their goals and objections and collaborate for us both to make all partnerships mutually beneficial.

I take my results and clients very seriously and am fiercely competitive.

How Long Will it Take to Get to Page One of Google?

That’s dependent on a number of factors, but that’s always my #1 goal as the real results come when you get to the top. With some keywords it might be one to two months. With others, it might be four-six months if it’s a very high competitive keyword, but the fact is most SEO companies don’t do a great job and it should not take that long. All along we will be tracking your results and you will see improvements in your rankings throughout.

The budget, keyword your targeting, and other factors will come into play but that is my goal above all else.

I want to get results, get you to page 1, and eventually the top or as high as possible.

Do I Have to Sign a Long Term Contract?

No long term commitments. I want to get you results. That’s the bottom line. That said proper SEO takes time for both Google to realize the changes made to your site (this is called on-page SEO), and for Google to index the changes made to your site’s on-page and off-page SEO (whitehat backlinking). Patience reaps rewards, and you will see your rank change through the process. It took months to get my own company to the top for “SEO Rogers,” but I’m very glad I did.

How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on your keyword, your industry, the competition for your keywords, and the number of keywords will effect the cost. We want the budget to get you to the top of Google, but we want your business to be healthy, and successful  and believe we provide the best value on the market while providing the highest quality service. We’re not going to provide you with unreliable quotes that can’t rank for difficult terms, but unlike most SEO companies we know what we’re doing. Our service is customized to your needs, your keywords, and your industry. No cookie cutter here. Contact us below for quote and for more information.

Can you only do SEO for Rogers or on a national or worldwide level?

I’ve done SEO for national and local and love working with clients face-to-face, over the phone, Skype, etc. I can get you results anywhere in the country, and probably better than most in the country as Rogers is one of the most competitive markets for SEO being a hub of technology and growth.

Can You Work on My Website?

Of course. I’m also a web developer but neither SEO nor good web design is a side gig to me. Unlike most people who might be better at one than the other or just “include” SEO as part of their web design packages I’m proud to work on both simultaneously and keep up to date with the latest in technology that moves fast.

More Questions?

I love talking SEO and as it is my passion and profession. I’ve tried answer as many questions as possible to make it as transparent and clearly defined as possible, but if you have any questions feel free to send me a message below or contact me more directly by calling 479-246-8333.

Dave Johnson
CEO & Founder
We Outrank Web Design & SEO

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