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Types of SEO

There is no one way to improve SEO. When it comes to creating a successful SEO strategy there are multiple different components that need to be addressed in order to improve your SEO as a whole. While We Outrank offers a multitude of SEO related services, there are three main aspects that all businesses can find value in when improving their SEO. The three main types of SEO are

There are many different elements that going into each of these different types of SEO but following an SEO strategy that incorporates all of these different focuses is a must.


On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to SEO efforts that are made on your own web pages in order to boost search traffic.Your website is the central hub when it comes to your company’s online presence. It should be a place where any customer or potential customer goes to find out anything they need to know about you. A website that houses comprehensive web pages covering all aspect of a business can offer a multitude of options for search engines to draw from when it comes to fulfilling search queries. Some of the best ways to improve your On-Page SEO are through keyword research and implementation, which is showcased in the content you create. Knowing which keywords are relevant to your business is an essential SEO task. Finding which keywords are being searched for but are underrepresented in search results is the true goal when it comes to finding good keywords.

Once you have these keywords you’ve got to put them into action. The best way to do this is by creating content around them. Making web pages on your website that hold these keywords not only will drive traffic but they will fill your website with informative pages that can be referenced at anytime. Many keywords are questions that a potential customer might be searching for. You can answer these questions and let customers know that you have everything that they need.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to all of the SEO tasks that don’t relate to creating content. Many of these tasks pertain to fixing possible website operation issues. Some of these technical SEO tasks are mobile display capabilities, loading speeds, website architecture, and security. These website updates all help modernize your website, keeping it professional and on par with what your competitors are offering.

By updating your website you are doing more than just changing how things look. When we work to improve a client’s website there are always performative reasons for why we make changes. With so many people visiting websites on their phone, its important to have a mobile display that not only looks nice but operates in a smooth and effective manner so that these visitors are receiving the same viewing experience as those on a desktop. Making sure your website loads efficiently not only saves viewers from potential headaches but also saves you from having to deal with potentially bigger problems like site outages. A website that is hard to navigate is a digital maze. It can be hard to house an influx of web pages without having a clear plan to how they should be laid out. A site’s architecture can be just as important as its content. Having a verified, secure, website is a barrier of defense that makes everyone feel a little more safe operating on the internet. If you are a retailer or any other type of business that directly collects customer’s personal information on your website it’s vital to have a safe and secure website. It is also important for SEO because a search engine like Google will prioritize secure website over unsecured websites in search results.

There are a multitude of technical elements to strengthen on your website in order to improve user experience and SEO and we can be the ones to help you figure out what needs to be done.


Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the twin to On-Page SEO, the main difference here is that Off-Page SEO encapsulates all SEO efforts made outside of your website. These are all of the other links, accounts, and listings that have your name associated with them on the internet. Social media accounts, Google Maps and Bing maps listings, reviews, and news articles mentioning your business are all examples of Off-Page SEO.

All of these different types of Off-Page SEO are important to boosting your company’s SEO because they show your array of influence on the internet. It’s one thing for a potential customer to read about how great you are from your own website but when they see that others feel that way as well, and are willing to write about it on the internet it makes for a much stronger statement. Having a variety of different sources show up mentioning you when someone searches for your business or industry is the ultimate goal for SEO.

Some ways to boost your Off-Page SEO are through increasing your social media presence. Once people are following and interacting with your account the traffic will start to drive itself. Having a strong social media content creation strategy that utilize multiple platforms and keeps a consistent posting schedule, will draw and increase in followers and lead to more interest in your business. Social media isn’t the end all of Off-Page SEO but it where most people spend their time on the internet. Advertising and growing a following can lead to new business as well as a fun way to show your business to the world.


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